Hi. I'm Prajwal DSouza. It's my projects/simulations page.         India
Fourier Transform Visualization
Based on a 3Blue1Brown Video
The Parabolic Constant Mystery
Average distance between the center of the unit square and a point on the square's boundary is P/4, where P is the Universal Parabolic Constant. But, what business does a parabola have with distances in squares?
Complex Functions
An attempt to plot them
Based on a 3Blue1Brown video
Gravitational Waves
On Matched Filtering Technique used in detection of gravitational waves.
Based on pycbc, a python library for processing LIGO data.
Project Eureka
A search for distant neural connections. To find a link between seemingly unrelated topics.
Simulation solving Poisson's Equation using finite differences.
Binary Classification
Demonstration of an classifier inspired by electrostatics.
Spider Web Simulation
A spider web simulation using physicsjs based on the work of Thiemo Krink and Fritz Vollrath
With Shivaprasad Bajakkaremoole
Flocking Simulation
A Demostration of Flocking Algorithm.
Uses PhysicsJS
Random Triangle Mesh Generation
The Algorithm generates a random triangle mesh. This is generated on a HTML div Element using SVG.
Click to view more variants.
Chaos Game
It's a set of random steps taken on a canvas, based on certain rules.
But, one ends up with interesting patterns after many steps. Patterns? Fractals.
Reinforcement Learning
I tried Q learning. It's where an agent learns from its environment, based on the reward it gets.
And hence, does better. The next two projects are based on this.
Grid World
A Q learning Agent explores a grid world. It has to avoid falling into a red pit, and reach it's green goal.
After several episodes of training, it's learns how to do it better.
Q Ball
A Ball learns to avoid collisions.
It learns based on Q learning.
Conway's Game of Life
A simulation that has simple rules. But gives rise to complex behaviour.
That's about it.
For more projects, visit github/prajwalsouza.